Joining HKIoD

Membership Requirements

1. Membership Grades
Qualifications / Membership Grade Fellow (FHKIoD) Member (MHKIoD) Associate (AHKIoD) Affiliate

HKIoD (The Hong Kong Institute of Directors) grants membership grades to individuals according to the fulfillment of any group of factors in the right-hand matrix.

A = Total Work Years.
B = Years as Director or Equivalent (current + past)

“Directors” include Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors, who are Board Members. “Equivalents” include Partners, Proprietors, Directorate-grade Government Officers, Council Members, etc.

Fellows and Members carry voting rights at General Meetings.

Upgrades after acquiring required qualifications: from Member to Fellow, from Associate to Member, from Affiliate to Associate and from Student to Affiliate.

A: minimum 10
B: minimum 10
A: minimum 7
B: minimum 3
A: less than 7 but minimum 3
B: less than 3 and more than 0
A: min. 3, + Recognises the HKIoD mission, + Having attended HKIoD Courses Role of Company Director I & II, + interest in self-development through taking part in HKIoD activities
A = 10, B = 5, + HKIoD
Professional Diploma in Company Direction or Executive Diploma in Global Directorship
In a senior position for 5 years with potentials to become Director or Equivalent
Obtained equivalent membership grade of a recognised Institute of Directors
2. Code of Conduct and CPD Fulfillment

As prescribed by the HKIoD Membership Accreditation Scheme (“MAS”), HKIoD members must comply with the HKIoD Code of Conduct and fulfill Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”).

MAS was established as a result of collaboration of wisdom and efforts from HKIoD members, following significant research and a series of intense consultative activities.  It aims to benefit:-

  • Individual directors, through a peer-inspired culture of disciplines and continual learning.
  • Companies and the public, through enhanced competence in fulfilling directors’ roles in corporate governance.
  • HKIoD, through adding value to the community as a professional institute with self-disciplines and as a promoter and facilitator to nurture excellence in director practices.

The HKIoD Code of Conduct stipulates the ethics compliance by members.

CPD as an ongoing membership requirement is defined in the document Guidelines on Membership Accreditation Through CPD.

Download the form Record of Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”).

3. Membership Fees
Fee Schedule / Membership Grade Fellow
Member (MHKIoD) Associate (AHKIoD) Affiliate
Fees required to be paid by a new member upon joining:-
1. One-time Registration Fee HK$3,000 HK$2,500 HK$2,000 HK$1,000
2. First-Year Subscription Fee in accordance with Joining Month:-
  • Jan (12 months)
  • Feb (11 months)
  • Mar (10 months)
  • Apr (9 months)
  • May (8 months)
  • Jun (7 months)
  • Jul (6 months)
  • Aug (5 months)
  • Sep (4 months)
  • Oct (3 months)
  • Nov (2 months)
  • Dec (1 month)
  • HK$2,750
  • HK$2,520
  • HK$2,290
  • HK$2,060
  • HK$1,830
  • HK$1,600
  • HK$1,380
  • HK$1,150
  • HK$920
  • HK$690
  • HK$460
  • HK$230
  • HK$2,180
  • HK$2,000
  • HK$1,820
  • HK$1,640
  • HK$1,450
  • HK$1,270
  • HK$1,090
  • HK$900
  • HK$730
  • HK$550
  • HK$360
  • HK$180
  • HK$1,600
  • HK$1,470
  • HK$1,330
  • HK$1,200
  • HK$1,070
  • HK$930
  • HK$800
  • HK$670
  • HK$530
  • HK$400
  • HK$270
  • HK$130
  • HK$1,080
  • HK$990
  • HK$900
  • HK$810
  • HK$720
  • HK$630
  • HK$540
  • HK$450
  • HK$360
  • HK$270
  • HK$180
  • HK$90
Annual Renewal Subscription Fee
-2nd year onwards (Due Date: 1 Jan)
HK$2,750 HK$2,180 HK$1,600 HK$1,080
An upgrading member is required to pay at the time of upgrade a One-time Upgrade Fee and at the next time of membership renewal the Annual Renewal Subscription Fee of the new grade. One-time Upgrade Fee: from Member
to Fellow HK$600
from Associate
to Member HK$600
from Affiliate
to Associate HK$600
from Student
to Affiliate HK$300
Special Offer for Group Entrance: From the same group or organization, a multiple number of members who meet the above-mentioned Criteria of Qualifications to join HKIoD may enjoy a special offer, whereby the total One-time Registration Fee of every 5 members amount to HK$3,000 only.
Personal Data Rights

Applicants have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data as provided for in sections 18 and 22 and principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of personal data provided by the Membership Application Form. Inquiries and requests regarding access and correction can be directed to the Executive Office of HKIoD.

Personal data are collected by HKIoD for all purposes in connection with and for all activities of HKIoD. Selected particulars of HKIoD membership data are published from time to time in a membership directory circulated among members for networking purposes. A member may elect to be excluded from listing in the membership directory by written request to HKIoD.

Data items marked by “#” on the Membership Application Form will be included in the above-mentioned membership directory.

How To Apply

Please complete clearly the Membership Application Form and forward it to HKIoD.  Please enclose:-

  1. a photograph with name at the back (no glue or staples) ,
  2. a crossed cheque payable “The Hong Kong Institute of Directors Limited” for One-time Registration Fee and First-Year Subscription Fee,
  3. a business card.

Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded, but no interest will be paid on refund amounts.

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