Requesting Company

To requesting companies, the Board Appointment Service is a service introducing members for consideration of appointment by:
  • Listed companies searching for independent non-executive directors;
  • Companies seeking to enhance leadership at the board level;
  • Venture capital firms or business development funds placing non-executive directors on the boards of companies invested by them.

Conditions of Service

  1. Prior to the service, a requesting company is required to sign a Company Undertaking Document to acknowledge the ex-gratia service of the Institute being provided as a service to its members. Requirement of the company is defined via a simple Questionnaire on Company Specification for NED.
  2. The Institute provides members and requesting companies with this service free of charge. But in order to further the Institute’s mission of promoting good corporate governance, the Institute will be grateful for a donation of a discretionary amount from the requesting company for this purpose, unconditional on any appointment resulted from the introduction by the Institute.
  3. Based on the Questionnaire completed by a requesting company, the Institute approaches members in the Register with matched profiles to seek their consent to be introduced. Members consenting are required to sign a Member Undertaking Document to acknowledge the ex-gratia service of the Institute being provided as a service to its members and are requested to update their profiles in the Register, if necessary.
  4. A list is then forwarded to the requesting company together with the personal profiles of the respective members from the Register.
  5. The requesting company is free to approach the members introduced. Both the appointing and appointed parties acknowledge that they are solely responsible for their respective analysis, negotiation and decision and hold the Institute free from liability whatsoever.
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