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Issue 28

HKIoD 25th Anniversary Supplement

HKIoD Milestones 1997 – 2022 

Directors’ Conference 2022 

HKIoD 25th Anniversary Dinner cum Presentation of Directors Of The Year Awards 2022 

HKIoD Silver Jubilee Stars

Poetic Tribute to HKIoD 25th Anniversary 

Directors Of The Year Awards 2022

From Resilience to Sustainability

Annual General Meeting on 12 July

AGM Foundation


Companies Need To Build Cybersecurity Into Their Governance Systems

Digital Inclusion Begins with Accessibility

The Importance of the Board in Establishing a Modern Corporate Culture

Highlights of 2021 Hong Kong Spencer Stuart Board Index

Adoption of Recommended Model Contractual Clauses for Cross-border Transfer of Personal Data

Taking a Healthy Dose of Ethical Governance–The Best Defence Against Corruption, Fraud and Malpractices

How Board Evaluation Helps? – Mandy Mok

Directors Of The Year Awards 2021 Awardee Interview

Risk advisor leading stakeholders to succeed in downturn with sound Corporate Governance strategies

Family business-turned listed company in IP management, content distribution and brand licensing awarded DYA for sound governance

The Hong Kong Productivity Council Wins Directors Of The Year Awards

Ping An’s Chairman and Board of Directors win the Directors of The Year Awards

CPIC’s Chairman and Board of Directors win the Directors of The Year Awards

HKIoD Programme Brief

HKIoD Spring Networking Highlight

HKIoD Connected to Share: Lifestyle Talk Series

HKIoD Young Directors Group 1st meeting

HKIoD Health Talk, SME

HKIoD Organises Directors’ Conference 2022 “From Resilience to Sustainability”

HKIoD joins Climate Governance Initiative and launches CGI Hong Kong Chapter to mobilise and equip directors in Hong Kong to take climate actions

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