Student Membership

Offer of Student Membership
As Hong Kong’s premier body representing directors working together to promote good corporate governance, director professionalism and the advancement of the economy, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors (“HKIoD”) places emphasis on sustainability development. Accordingly, to nurture the younger generations, HKIoD is pleased to offer Student Membership to eligible persons.

Objective and Benefits
Through the offer of Student Membership, HKIoD aims to support students and recent graduates at the beginning of their business journey. A Student Member may acquire the following benefits:-

  1. An early introduction to the business community to gain knowledge of business environment.
  2. Developing ability and confidence to converse with business leaders.
  3. Building contacts that may be of help in work placements and future career or business start-up.
  4. Availability of business information and inspiring wisdom of business leaders, that may be of help in studies, work placements and future career or business start-up.
  5. The prestige of association with HKIoD and adding a valuable point of difference to CV and interview dialogue.

A person eligible for the HKIoD Student Membership is an individual who is:-

  1. at the age of 18 or above.
  2. engaged in the pursuit of one of the following:-

    a. studying at University or College,
    b. in the Sixth Form of a Hong Kong school,
    c. undertaking study for a professional qualification,

  3. committed with an aspiration in enterprising spirit to attain a senior or entrepreneurial role in business, so as to align with the progression path in HKIoD membership and
  4. prepared to take an active interest in HKIoD activities.

The conditions of eligibility period of Student Membership are as follows:-

  1. In all cases, HKIoD reserves the right to grant renewal of Student Membership.
  2. For those pursuing full-time study, Student Membership may be available for a term of up to five years during the studying period. After graduating, it may be extended with discretion for the first three years of working career.
  3. For those not pursuing full-time study, HKIoD may exercise discretion to re-categorise a Student Membership based on the Student Member’s level of business experience gained.


Programme Offering
Student Members may avail of opportunities to widen their horizon and enrich experience from the various programmes and services offered by HKIoD, including but not limited to the following:-

  • The annual HKIoD Directors’ Symposium featuring exciting business leaders.
  • Directors Of The Year Awards presentation of role models.
  • Other meetings, by invitation, such as Speaker Luncheon Meetings, Professional Talks, Training Courses, SME Forums, fellowship and networking events.
  • Electronic publications such as various guidelines for directors, the official magazine, papers on policies and updates.
  • Specifically tailored occasions for Student Members:-
    – Master-classes conducted by experienced directors, on business development.
    – A Path-finders’ Forum, featuring exchanges with leaders of professions and industries with insights on various professions and industries and path-finding techniques.
    – Talks on business start-up and management for young graduates and professionals.
    – Opportunity to win “A Day Following a Leader”.
    – Opportunities to assist in organising HKIoD events and undertaking research assignments.

Student Membership Fees
A one-time Registration Fee of HK$200. An annual Membership Fee of HK$756.

Personal Data Rights

Applicants have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data as provided for in sections 18 and 22 and principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of personal data provided by the Membership Application Form. Inquiries and requests regarding access and correction can be directed to the Executive Office of HKIoD.

Personal data are collected by HKIoD for all purposes in connection with and for all activities of HKIoD. Selected particulars of HKIoD membership data are published from time to time in a membership directory circulated among members for networking purposes. A member may elect to be excluded from listing in the membership directory by written request to HKIoD.

Data items marked by “#” on the Membership Application Form will be included in the above-mentioned membership directory

How To Apply

Please complete clearly the Membership Application Form and forward it to HKIoD.  Please enclose:-

  1. a photograph with name at the back (no glue or staples) 
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