Membership Application Form

    Membership Grade Applied For 申請會員級別
    Section 1: Personal Particulars 個人資料

    [Data items marked by “#” in this section will be included in the Membership Directory. 此部份內註有「#」號的資料將被錄入《會員名冊》。]

    Section 2: Work and Board Director Experiences 工作年資及董事會成員經驗
    Applicant’s Experience 申請人年資:

    List of major directorships, current, and past. 現在及過去主要董事職務列舉。

    Section 3: Profile Of Current Principal Company 現時所屬主要公司資料
    Section 4: Corporate Scheme in Enrolment / Group Organisation Offer 公司集體入會優惠/集團優惠
    Section 5: Declaration 宣言

    I hereby apply for membership of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors and agree to be bound by the Institute’s 本人現申請成為香港董事學會之會員,並同意遵守學會之:-

    (a) Articles of Association and 《公司章程細則》及

    (b) Membership Accreditation Scheme, which includes a Code of Conduct and fulfillment of annual Continuing Professional Development.「會員評鑒制度」,此制度包含遵從《行為守則》及履行每年持續專業進修。Details from 詳情載於

    I confirm that I have not been disqualified by Court Order from being a director. 本人確認不曾被法庭取消擔任董事資格。

    I have read and understand the following declaration regarding personal data collection:- 本人已閱讀並明白下列有關個人資料蒐集的宣言:-

    The Hong Kong Institute of Directors has adopted a Personal Data (Privacy) Policy, full details of which are downloadable from Data subjects have a right of access and correction regarding their respective personal data. Data subjects who do not wish to receive communications may notify the Institute in writing. Requests can be directed to the Institute by post at 2104 Shanghai Industrial Investment Building, 48 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, or by email at [email protected], or by fax at +852 2889 9982. For inquiries, telephone +852 2889 9986. Personal data collected by this document will be used to process applications for membership and facilitate communications by post, email, telephone and fax. 「香港董事學會訂定個人資料(私隱)政策,其詳細內容可從 網頁下載。資料當事人有權查閱及更正其相關個人資料。資料當事人如擬停止收取通訊,可以書面方式向學會提出,郵寄香港灣仔軒尼詩道48號上海實業大廈2104、或電郵至[email protected]、或傳真至+852 2889 9982。查詢電話+852 2889 9986‧此表格蒐集個人資料的目的為處理入會申請,並提供聯絡資料以透過郵遞、電郵、電話、傳真通訊。」


    I understand and accept the intention of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors to regularly communicate with me on updates, events, projects, membership, services and publications. I understand that I may exercise the following option by inserting in the box:- 本人明白及接受香港董事學會定期通知我有關學會的最新資訊、活動、項目、會籍事宜、服務及刊物通訊,也明白本人可以在方格內加上” ”號選擇如下:


    I understand that upon admission to membership, the Institute will include my name, company and position on its Welcome List emailed to members and will include my name in the Membership Directory in the Members’ Login Area of the Institute’s website. I indicate by my options as follows:-本人理解當我加入會籍後,學會將以電郵方式傳閱《歡迎名單》,當中包含我的姓名、公司及職稱,並刊登我的姓名於會員登入網頁部份內的《會員名冊》。我以選擇:-

    Section 6: Sponsor 推薦人
    Section 7: Completion of Application Form 完成申請表格
    1. A photograph with name at the back (no glue or staples). 相片一幀背面書寫姓名但請勿用黏膠或書釘。
    2. A business card. 名片一幀。
    Section 8: Please Write Your Signature in the Box Below 請在下方簽名
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