Global Network of Director Institutes

HKIoD is a member of the Global Network of Director Institutes (“GNDI”), which is an international network of director institutes to further closer cooperation among its members, who are each recognised as the primary institute for directors and governance in their respective jurisdiction.  Having been accredited to join GNDI, HKIoD looks forward to joining forces with peer organisations in the global promotion of director professionalism and corporate governance.

Global Network of Director Institutes, in short GNDI, is an alliance of leading director institutes from around the world. A global programme of reciprocity helps directors and their boards to unlock access to director resources around the world. GNDI comprises 20+ member institutes including HKIoD, representing over 150,000 directors and other governance professionals around the globe.

 The Global Passport allows directors who are members of their GNDI home country organisation to access benefits from affiliated director institutes at discounted rates.

To learn more about the benefits available for Global Passport holders, please visit:

GNDI regularly releases publications on surveys and policies.


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