Directors’ Practice Notes

Jan 1, 2001 | Book

The Directors’ Practice Notes are intended to be a regular series that serves as advisory guidelines for directors and recommendation of best-practice treatment. Each set of Directors’ Practice Notes is a stand-alone document that addresses a subject matter or a scenario. In some cases, the Directors’ Practice Notes complement the Code of Conduct and various guidelines published by HKIoD. In particular, whereas the HKIoD Guidelines for Directors address principles and the “what-to-do” aspects, the Directors’ Practice Notes address the “how-to-do” aspects with reference to particular circumstances or situations and latest legislative and regulatory developments.

Issue 1: Continuing Professional Development of Directors

Issue 2: Monthly Management Updates for the Board

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The Notes serve as guidelines. HKIoD is not, by means of the Notes, rendering business, financial, investment or other professional advices or services, and shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on the Notes.

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