Dear fellow members

Amidst the capricious development of the pandemic, the HKIoD 2022 AGM took place smoothly. We
thank Strategic Public Relations Group for making their excellent facilities available to us for meeting.

I am thankful for being re-elected Chairman of the Council of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors
and being bestowed the honour and responsibility. I pledge to continue to serve the Institute, our
members and stakeholders with utmost efforts and commitment. On behalf of the 2022-2023 Council
Members, I thank all members for giving us this opportunity of service.

25th Anniversary celebrated at a historic time
We are facing a historic time that combines the change of government in a new chapter, continuation
of pandemic threats and heightened global geopolitics. Against this background, we commemorate the
25th Anniversary of both HKSAR and the Institute, in the theme of “From Resilience to Sustainability”
for this year.

Membership forms the cornerstone of our success; we will boost plans for recruitment, retention and
rejuvenation. Leveraging our proven campaign of “Member-Get-Member”, I appeal to all members to
make our membership grow to 2,500 soon. Our Young Directors Group is in action now, thanks to
the four Group Conveners and participants for their enthusiasm.

The Institute’s flagship projects will continue with momentum against all odds. Our annual Directors’
Symposium this year turns into a full-day Silver Jubilee Directors’ Conference on Wednesday 21
September, with an impressive line-up of 19 speakers and 9 session hosts on discussions of timely
significance. Our Directors Of The Year Awards are now open for nominations until 1 August and
will reach its finale with presentation of awards at the 25th Anniversary Dinner on Wednesday 23

Our service in director education and training this year continues on the scopes of building culture for
good corporate governance, business sustainability strategies in challenging time and the importance
of setting up right policies with special attention on start-ups and NGOs. In particular, a Certificate
for Sustainability Leadership
has been introduced and climate governance has been placed high on
our programme agenda.

In this significant milestone year, we work in enhancing the voices of directors as “the home for
directors”, a professional body of high standards, an authoritative advocate of corporate governance
and a well sought after service-provider in director professionalism.

As the community agitates for the resumption of normal life, we aim to strike a balance between
normalising social activities and maintaining health vigilance. I sincerely urge directors to be
responsible business leaders as well as responsible citizens in being exemplary in social behaviour.


We welcome members’ suggestions and views, which will be considered seriously by the Council. On
behalf of my fellow Council Members, our CEO Dr Carlye Tsui and colleagues at the HKIoD Executive
Office, I thank members for the trust bestowed upon us. On behalf of HKIoD, I thank members for

We wish our members, stakeholders and their loved ones best of health.

Yours ever

Christopher To
Chairman, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors

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