Governance Structure

Working Group in setting up CGI HK

A working group of renowned organisations represented by directors and subject matter experts has been convened to help setting up CGI HK by establishing a governance structure, understanding and agreeing on the Charter and designing preliminary work plan.  The Working Group is composed of the following:-

Represented by:-

  • Mr Mohit Grover, Partner, Deloitte Hong Kong
  • Ms Victoria Shapovalova , Senior Consultant, Climate and Sustainability Risk Advisory

Represented by:-

  • Dr Carlye Tsui, CEO
  • Ms Agnes K Y Tai, Council Member
  • Mr Anthony Cheung, Convener of HKIoD Task Force on Climate Governance
  • Ms Athena Ng, Member of HKIoD Task Force on Climate Governance
  • Ms Alison Tsoi, Member of HKIoD Task Force on Climate Governance

Represented by:-

  • Mr Hui Feng Zhang, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Asia Pacific
  • Mr Anthony TSUI, Director of Sustainable Finance, Asia Pacific
Represented by:-
Prof Veronique Lafon-Vinais
Associate Professor of Business Education, School of Business and Management

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of renowned directors with significant influence and vast networks, who may support the aim of CGI HK by one or more of the following:-

  • helping in developing CGI HK.
  • providing strategic advice.
  • helping with access to other high-profile directors and influential business leaders.
  • acting as keynote speakers at events.

The Advisory Council composition:-

Dr The Hon Moses CHENG Mo-chi GBM GBS OBE JP
Non-Official Member of Executive Council, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region;
INED of organisations.
Prof Christine LOH SBS JP
INED, Towngas Smart Energy Company Limited;
NED of organisations.>/td>
Ms Bonnie Y CHAN
Head of Listing, HKEX.
Mr Dennis CHOW
Chairman, Deloitte Asia Pacific.
Ms May TAN
Former CEO, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited;
INED, CLP Holdings Limited and other organisations
Dr Christopher TO
Chairman, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors;
NED of organisations.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides governance and direction to CGI HK. It is responsible for setting the strategy and meets regularly.  Depending on the growth of the organisation and available resources, the Steering Committee may exercise the option to establish sub-committees for advancing particular projects and activities.

The Steering Committee composition:-

Dr Carlye TSUI SBS MBE JP (Chairman)
CEO, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors
Prof Veronique LAFON-VINAIS
Associate Professor of Business Education, School of Business and Management, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Mr Anthony Tsui
Director of Sustainable Finance, Asia Pacific, HSBC
Partner, Deloitte Hong Kong
Ms Victoria Shapovalova
Senior Consultant, Climate and Sustainability Risk Advisory, Deloitte Hong Kong
 Ms Agnes K Y TAI
Director, Great Glory Investment Corporation Limited
Mr Anthony CHEUNG
Managing Director & Head of ESG, Polymer Capital Management
Ms Athena NG
General Manager, Corporate Finance, China Overseas Land & Investment Limited
Ms Alison TSOI (Secretary)
Senior Legal Counsel, Kerry Holdings Limited


Partners are major companies that provide broad-based support to facilitate the work of CGI HK.  Their roles may be one of more of the following:-

  • Collaborators, who may be leading companies, climate experts and other bodies that actively provide climate change insight and education for the CGI HK community. CGI HK provides support to the collaborators to adapt the content for the target audiences.  These events are both for educational and recruitment purposes.
  • Influencers, who have levers to promote climate awareness and competence on boards through their own areas of influence/expertise, by creating methodology, thought leadership pieces and hosting events for CGI HK. Influencers include: board evaluators and recruiters, remunerations consultants, general counsel, company advisers, ratings agencies, proxy advisers, asset owners and asset managers.  The influencers’ have large networks and CGI HK assists them to create awareness events tailored to their respective audiences.
  • Sponsors, who make financial contributions for the operation of CGI HK. Being organisations that identify with and help in implementing the mission of CGI HK, they may in turn be collaborators and influencers in approaching target audiences.
  • Supporters, who are organisations that assist with in-kind contributions.

Partners are gratefully acknowledged and they currently include the following (Founding Partners):-

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