Training: Knowledge, Practical Skill that Directors and Management Should Manage for Debt Financing

Date And Time
Wed 05 June 2024
18:30 - 20:30 HKT

Training: Directors’ Impact and Understanding on How IFRS 15 means for Revenue Recognition to a company

Course outlines 課程大綱:

  • Understand the key drivers for all business transactions on and its basic rules
  • How does the new IFRS regulations affect a company’s revenue reporting and model
  • The Impact to Company Directors for Making Business Decisions
  • Implications and Opportunities to a Company where KPI, bonus target, sales commission etc rely on how revenues are recognised
  • Share of speaker’s real life experiences that demonstrate the application and importance of the introduction of IFRS 15

Language: English

CPD Hours: 2

Facilitator 導師:


Korea Yung B.A. Economics, CPA

 Korea has served as Group Finance Director/VP Finance roles in various MNC and global firms in the head office set up for over 20 years with overall 36 years of experience in the finance field.  The companies that she has served before includes Tricor, Vistra, NBA China and Time.  Not only she possesses hands on experience in day-to-day management of the group finance function, she also has extensive experiences in pre and post IPO setting, in depth debt financing knowledge and application, mergers and acquisitions activities, trade sales and ERP implementation including Hyperion and Anaplan.

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