Training: Board Considerations in the Current Global Dynamics 課程培訓:當前全球動態下的董事會考慮事項

Date And Time
Thu 29 August 2024
18:30 - 19:30 HKT

Training: Board Considerations in the Current Global Dynamics



Course Outlines課程大綱:

In today’s interconnected world, boards face significant risks and challenges arising from the ever-evolving global landscape. These dynamics, including cross-countries factors, have the potential to impact business operations, financing costs, and decision-making processes. As directors, it is crucial to understand and navigate these uncertain factors to minimize potential liabilities and drive the company towards success. By staying informed and prepared, board members/directors/senior management can make well-informed decisions that that align with the company’s goals. During the training session, practical examples and skillsets will be shared to enhance awareness and effective decision-making within the boardroom.

Language: English
CPD Hours: 1

Facilitator: Mr Jean Claude Knebeler

Educated in Luxembourg, the UK (LSE), France (ENA) and the US, Jean Claude KNEBELER had a first career in public service working in trade & investment promotion followed by diplomatic postings in New York and Moscow. He left the Luxembourg civil service in 2020 as Ambassador at the age of 43.

Jean Claude KNEBELER then focused on the nascent field of green and sustainable finance in Russia, advising banks and corporates on how to navigate ESG-issues on international capital markets as well as starting investing my own funds in impact ventures in fields such as AgTech and life sciences.

Jean Claude KNEBELER is the largest shareholder in and chair the board of a US-based digital precision agriculture company, is a director of a Finnish deep-technology company developing sensors for medical devices as well as an independent board member of a global leader in the trading and processing of oilseeds, Luxembourg-based Sodrugestvo S.A.

In 2022 he moved first to Dubai, where he own and run an advisory and agricultural commodity brokerage firm and then in 2023 to Hong Kong where he is building an asset management platform in order to develop his interest in investing in sustainable macro-trends such as clean water, sustainable food production and health.

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