Guide for Remunerating INEDs (Latest edition is now available)

Jan 1, 2007 | Book

Guide for Remunerating Independent Non-Executive Directors aims to provide assistance for companies in engaging and remunerating INEDs. In the 3rd edition, figures in the appendices have been updated to show the current trend of the INEDs remuneration levels in different jurisdictions. The Guide is part of the HKIoD series of publications aimed at assisting directors to succeed together in business by creating effective boards with high levels of value-added corporate governance.

Contents addressed in the Guide include:-

  • In Search of INEDs – covering the roles and responsibilities of INEDs.
  • Compensation Guidelines – addressing various key factors such as rates and time requirement, computation of fees and other issues for consideration.
  • Appendices—example situations, survey findings from Hong Kong, UK, USA, Australia and Singapore and sample appointment letters.

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