Training: Global Investment Outlook 2024 課程培訓:2024年全球投資展望

Date And Time
Thu 01 February 2024
18:30 - 20:30 HKT

Training: Global Investment Outlook 2024



Course Outlines課程大綱:
  • What is the latest global trend on financial market?
  • Which sectors / stocks would get investors excited in 2024?
  • Emerging trends that affect directors in the coming year
  • Directors’ Best Practice and new development on communicating with Investors
  • 全球金融市場最新趨勢是什麼?
  • 2024年哪些行業/股票會讓投資者興奮?
  • 未來一年影響董事的新趨勢
  • 董事最佳實踐及與投資者溝通的新進展。

Language: Cantonsee
CPD Hours: 2

Facilitator: Mr George Leung MPhil, CESGA®, FRM, ACG, HKACG

Mr. George Leung is a Fintech specialist with over 16 years of experience. He started his career as a quantitative analyst and became an early investor to quantify economic, environmental and governance factors into investment analysis in Asia. Later, he is responsible for risk management and compliance functions at various financial institutions.

He is now an active investor and consultant in Fintech area which includes a payment technology company focusing on Anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring system.


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