Training: Role of Company Director II: Board Practices

Date And Time
Wed 12 July 2023
18:30 - 20:30 HKT

Role of Company Director II: Board Practices

Course Outlines 課程大綱:

  • Corporate governance principles and the board’s fiduciary duties.
  • Types of directors and their challenges.
  • Major forces shaping boardroom reform.
  • The functioning of the board.
  • Development of the board and directors.
  • 企業管治功能及受信職責。
  • 董事的主要類別及其挑戰。
  • 推動董事會變革的動力。
  • 董事會運作。
  • 董事會和董事的發展。

Language: Cantonese

CPD Hours: 2

Facilitator: Dr Abril Choy Dr. Choy has over 20 years’ of solid experiences in building project management, corporate development, financial services, corporate governance, and tertiary education sectors.
She is a specialist and professional adviser in legal regulation, strategic planning and finance.
Since returning from Australia till present, Dr. Choy has served various Hong Kong’s Government Board and Committees.
Among her appointed positions, she has reviewed, commented and adjudicated numerous cases from telecommunication licensing, compliant and codes of practice, medical regulation, appeal board, financial institutions resolution compensation, professional ethics of accountant, law enforcement, and social insurance to name a few.  Presently, Dr. Choy has been appointed as a Council Member, Human Reproductive Technology since then.
Dr. Choy received her academic education from Hong Kong, Australia, and China. She was awarded Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) from the City University of Hong Kong with good honor.    Dr. Choy obtained her master degrees in the area of PRC Law from Renmin University of China, global business from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, international relations from Macquarie University, Australia and her bachelor degree of business administration from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Choy has served as a Lecturer of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Hong Kong as well.  She has been a Subject Matter Expert in legal and finance since then.  She published different books of finance and education.  She is the Members of Training Committee and Kindred Relations Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors (HKIoD) and has become a Facilitator since then.  She has conducted different types of directors’ training programs in area of the legal and regulatory framework, effective board, and market misconduct for public listed companies, private limited companies, HKSAR Government, University of Cambridge, and NGOs. Dr. Choy has been appointed as an Honorary Legal Adviser of the Hong Kong Logistics Association.  She is the member of different professional institutes including CIArb, FSBP, HKIoD, HKIRA, HKSI, HKIoB, and HKLA.

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