Effective Internal Communication Can Help Corporate Development

Date And Time
Tue 18 October 2022
18:30 - 20:30 HKT

Open Classes 公開課程

Course Outline
(1) Internal communication: an important part of corporate governance, its definition and goals
(2) Benefits of internal communication
(3) Challenges in internal communication
(4) Key channels for internal communication
(5) Internal communication strategy and plan to implement it
(6) Best practices for building up a knowledge base internal communication platform
(7) Case study

(1) 內部溝通: 企業管治重要一環,其定義及目標
(2) 內部溝通的好處
(3) 內部溝通的挑戰
(4) 內部溝通的主要渠道
(5) 內部溝通策略及推行方案
(6) 建立知識為本的內部溝通平台的最佳實務做法
(7) 個案研究

Facilitator: Dr Norman Law

Language: Cantonese

CPD Hours: HKIoD  2

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