The HKIoD Corporate Scheme of Membership Enrolment

As Hong Kong’s premier body representing directors working together to promote good corporate governance and director professionalism hence adding value to companies, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors (“HKIoD”) is pleased to offer a special Corporate Scheme in Annual Subscription Fee for a multiple number of members.

While the Corporate Scheme is a special package of Annual Subscription Fee offered to a company sponsoring a number of members, membership of HKIoD remains on individual basis, granted in accordance with stipulated criteria relevant to Membership Grade.

Essentially, the Subscription Fee for a company under this scheme is priced as follows:-

  • A Standard Package at HK$9,000, covering five members.
  • For each additional member above five from the same company, the special Subscription Fee will be HK$1,800.
  • For each member in the Membership Grade of Fellow, an Elevation Fee of HK$500 is applicable.

In addition to board members, the company may nominate a senior executive such as a C-level officer or Company Secretary to fill a position. Upon exit of a member in the period, the company may nominate a substitute subject to same conditions for HKIoD membership.

Scenarios Standard Offer Corporate Scheme Saving
One-time Registration Fee 3,0001 2,500 500
Annual Subscription Fee2:-
For a company with five members, all in the Membership Grade of “Member” 10,900 9,000 1,900
For a company with five members, all in the Membership Grade of “Fellow” 13,750 11,500 2,250
For a company with eight members, three as “Fellows” and five as “Members” 19,150 15,900 3,250

1Under the standard Group Offer, there is a concession in One-time Registration Fee.
2Full-year Annual Subscription Fees are presented above. Joining in any month other than January will be entitled to pro-rata fee deduction.

Personal Data Rights

Applicants have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data as provided for in sections 18 and 22 and principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of personal data provided by the Membership Application Form. Inquiries and requests regarding access and correction can be directed to the Executive Office of HKIoD.

Personal data are collected by HKIoD for all purposes in connection with and for all activities of HKIoD. Selected particulars of HKIoD membership data are published from time to time in a membership directory circulated among members for networking purposes. A member may elect to be excluded from listing in the membership directory by written request to HKIoD.

Data items marked by “#” on the Membership Application Form will be included in the above-mentioned membership directory.

How To Apply

Please complete clearly the Membership Application Form and forward it to HKIoD.  Please enclose:-

  1. a photograph with name at the back (no glue or staples) ,
  2. a crossed cheque payable “The Hong Kong Institute of Directors Limited” for One-time Registration Fee and First-Year Subscription Fee,
  3. a business card.

Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded, but no interest will be paid on refund amounts.

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