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TitleLink or statusCGI or Chapter Content
Directors’ Duties and Disclosure ObligationsLinkCGI
Climate Risk GovernanceLinkChapter, CGI Australia
Directors’ Duties on Disclosure Obligations: Primer on Climate Change Part 2In progressCGI
Just TransitionIn progressCGI
Board toolkit & Readiness checkLink (refresher in Mar/Apr)Chapter, Chapter Zero
Climate StakeholdersLinkCGI
Climate termsLinkCGI
Physical Climate RiskLinkChapter, Chapter Zero
Nexus of Health & ClimateIn progressCGI
Change Management PrinciplesLinkChapter, Chapter Zero
Circular EconomyLaunch- JuneCGI
Metrics Maze – summary of the metrics and reporting frameworksIn progress – JulyChapter, Chapter Zero
Zero Hero – BrandLinkChapter, Chapter Zero
Executive Compensation & Climate TargetsLinkCGI
Key Themes for Climate ActionLinkCGI
Board scorecard to evaluate climate effectivenessLinkChapter, Chapter Zero
Energy guideLinkChapter, Chapter Zero
Climate Disclosure explainerLinkChapter, Chapter Zero
Carbon offsetting explainedLinkChapter, Chapter Zero
Directors’ Climate JourneyLinkChapter, Chapter Zero
Global Summit SummariesLinkCGI
Joint Submission – U.S.SECLinkCGI
Joint Submission IFRSLinkCGI
IPCC report summaryLinkCGI
Climate Change LitigationLinkCGI
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