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Title Link or status CGI or Chapter Content
Executive Compensation Guidebook for Climate Transition Link Willis Towers Watson
Directors’ Duties and Disclosure Obligations Link CGI
Climate Risk Governance Link Chapter, CGI Australia
Directors’ Duties on Disclosure Obligations: Primer on Climate Change Part 2 In progress CGI
Just Transition In progress CGI
Board toolkit & Readiness check Link (refresher in Mar/Apr) Chapter, Chapter Zero
Climate Stakeholders Link CGI
Climate terms Link CGI
Physical Climate Risk Link Chapter, Chapter Zero
Nexus of Health & Climate In progress CGI
Change Management Principles Link Chapter, Chapter Zero
Decarbonisation Link CGI
Circular Economy Launch- June CGI
Metrics Maze – summary of the metrics and reporting frameworks In progress – July Chapter, Chapter Zero
Zero Hero – Brand Link Chapter, Chapter Zero
Executive Compensation & Climate Targets Link CGI
Key Themes for Climate Action Link CGI
Board scorecard to evaluate climate effectiveness Link Chapter, Chapter Zero
Energy guide Link Chapter, Chapter Zero
Climate Disclosure explainer Link Chapter, Chapter Zero
Carbon offsetting explained Link Chapter, Chapter Zero
Directors’ Climate Journey Link Chapter, Chapter Zero
Global Summit Summaries Link CGI
Joint Submission – U.S.SEC Link CGI
Joint Submission IFRS Link CGI
IPCC report summary Link CGI
Climate Change Litigation Link CGI
The Chairperson’s Guide to a Just Transition Link CGI, WEF, Deloitte
COP27: Key outcomes for board directors Link CGI
Climate Change and ESG-related risks in Value Chains:
What Board Directors need to know
Link CGI
Biodiversity as a Material Financial Risk: What Board Directors Need to Know
Link CGI
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