Nomination Criteria


  • To recognise outstanding boards and directors.

  • To promote good corporate governance and director professionalism.

1.    Category. Nominations are invited from the public for the selection of Directors Of The Year Awards.  The Awards will recognise excellence in various categories as follows:-

Company Categories:

(a)   Listed Companies (SEHK - Hang Seng Indexes Constituents)

(b)   Listed Companies (SEHK - Non-Hang Seng Indexes Constituents)

(c)   Private Companies

(d)   Statutory/Non-profit-distributing Organisations* 

Notes: *A non-profit-distributing organisation is defined as an organisation of which profits are not distributed to its shareholders, members, directors, employees or any other persons, with objectives including, but not limited to, charitable welfare, social service, health and medical care, education, research, trade and industrial alliance, professional advancement, self-help support etc.

Director Categories:

(a)   Executive Directors

(b)   Non-executive Directors

(c)   Boards

Special recognition will be extended to awardee(s) with excellence in board diversity.
2.     No Awards Quota. In accordance with decisions of the Panel of Judges:-
        3.1   one or more awards may be granted in any of the above categories.
        3.2   no award may be granted in a particular category, if no candidate is deemed appropriate.
3.      Pre-requisites:-

A.    Individual Director Categories: A candidate must be a director of a company or another legal entity. This company or legal entity must be registered and/or operating in Hong Kong.  The candidate’s title may be director or executive director or non-executive director per se or another title, such as Partner, President, Chief Executive, Member of Governing Committee, Council Member, etc, in which case the candidate must be a member of the body responsible for governance and stewardship of an organisation. 

B.   Collective Board Categories: A candidate must be the board of a company or another legal entity registered and/or  operating in Hong Kong. The title of the board may be Board of Directors per se or another title, such as Governing Committee, Council, Steering Committee, etc, in which case the candidate must be a group collectively responsible for governance and stewardship of an organisation. The Chairman of the nominated board will represent the nominee.

4.   Selection Criteria. The selection considerations for Awards will include candidates’ demonstration of the following:-

       A.     Individual Director Categories:
       (a) effectiveness in strategic corporate business functions
       (b) contribution to board effectiveness
       (c) contribution towards managing change, risk and succession
       (d) leadership and other attributes and qualities, including continuing professional development for directors
       (e) business ethics

               (f)  any other outstanding achievements

       B.     Collective Board Categories:
                (a) board composition, skill mix and competencies of directors
                (b) effectiveness in strategic corporate business functions
                (c) development and implementation of strategic plans and monitoring of performance
                (d) managing compliance and accountability
                (e) managing change, risk and succession
                (f)  development of the board, including continuing professional development for directors
                (g) effectiveness of board committees
                (h) business ethics
                (i)  any other achievements

Notes: To identify skills, knowledge and qualities required of directors in the practice of good corporate governance, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors has established a definition of Core Competencies for Directors, which covers the mastering of (i) corporate business functions at a strategic level, (ii) role and responsibility of the board and the individual director, (iii) development of the board and boardroom practice, (iv) individual attributes and qualities and (v) business ethics. Visit for details.


5.     Submission of Data. Each candidate is required to submit a completed Nomination Form together with answers to questions on the candidate’s data.  Appropriate supporting documents including duplicates of certificates may be attached to the nomination.  Please submit 3 sets of the form, answers and supporting documents in an envelope stating “Directors Of The Year Awards”. Nomination documents will not be returned to candidates or proposers.

Please forward completed Nomination Forms to

The Hong Kong Institute of Directors

2104 Shanghai Industrial Investment Building, 48 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: 2889 9986     Fax: 2889 9982     E-mail:

6.     Commitment. In signing the nomination form, the candidate:-

7.1  agrees to being nominated.

7.2 agrees that the Organiser may disclose the data collected in and appended to this form to the Honorary Selection Consultants and Panel of Judges for selection purpose.

7.3  certifies that the facts supplied therein are true and accurate.

7.4  agrees to meet with the Honorary Selection Consultants to be arranged in Hong Kong during August to September.  Each candidate for Collective Board Category shall appoint a representative number of board members, including Executive Directors, Non-executive Directors and Independent Non-executive Directors, preferably led by its Chairman to attend interview.

7.5  agrees to supply further and better particulars when necessary.

7.6  agrees to accept the award, in case of being selected.

7.7  agrees to being publicised as an Awardee and to participate in the publicity programme arranged by the Organiser, in case of being selected.

7.8  accepts the decision of the Panel of Judges as the final decision.

7.  Privacy. The Organiser has adopted a Personal Data (Privacy) Policy, full details of which are downloadable from  Personal data collected by this form will be used to process nomination for Directors Of The Year Awards and will be handled in strict confidence.  In the announcement of results and the publicity programme arranged for awardees, the Organiser will coordinate with Awardees as to the relevant information to be disclosed to the public.

8.    Declaration of Interest. The Organiser follows strictly the procedures of Declaration of Interests, whereby during the processes of selection, Members of the Panel of Judges make declarations of interests in relation to the candidates and abstain from the discussions and voting on cases with respective interests involved.  Accordingly, those who represent the Organiser on the Panel of Judges abstain from the discussion and voting on any candidate who happens to originate from or represent a sponsor of the Awards project.

9.  If, after an Award is bestowed, any fact supplied in the respective nomination is discovered to be fraudulent or untrue, or an Awardee is proven to be associated with a fraudulent or dishonourable act, the Organiser reserves the right, after consulting the Panel of Judges, to withdraw the Award.

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